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21 eCommerce Trends To Watch For In 2019

Monitoring eCommerce trends shouldn’t simply be a hobby. every trend must be analyzed and adopted in due course if it’s really going to drive your eCommerce complete forward — otherwise, you run the intense risk of falling drastically behind your competition.

As we have a tendency to get into 2019, here square measure twenty one eCommerce trends to stay tabs on in 2019 and on the far side.

In a hurry, here’s an inventory of eCommerce trends for 2019

  1. Retail will either evolve or continue to die
  2. Consumers will drive retail innovation
  3. Chatbots will become a standard part of the eCommerce toolkit
  4. A shift toward D2C
  5. To Amazon or not to Amazon…
  6. B2B eCommerce growth will accelerate
  7. Death of the middleman
  8. Mobile payments will increase
  9. Expect even more subscription boxes
  10. Brands will unite to create larger marketplaces
  11. Influencer marketing will keep driving sales
  12. Personalization gets “fancy”
  13. Fulfillment comes to the share economy
  14. Brands are pouring money on True-View Shopping
  15. eCommerce brands are going brick-and-mortar
  16. Analytics platforms will continue to evolve
  17. The rise of decoupled or headless content and commerce systems
  18. Companies will get more creative with Shoppable Instagram Stories
  19. More and more eCommerce companies will experiment with Snapchat Collection Ads
  20. Smart home assistants & voice recognition systems will emerge as a new eCommerce battleground
  21. Machine learning and AI-assisted eCommerce will smooth out sales funnels

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