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How Digital Marketing is More Superior than Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is an old marketing system and it is used in mass communication, marketing and advertising. It is a trend before the invention of social media and internet. In traditional marketing we give the advertisement of our product and services by newspaper, TV ads, billboards, book, magazine and any other medium.

While digital marketing is a latest marketing system. Here you can promote your brand and services via mobile phones, social media, email and other system. It is an online advertising system.

Below I am giving some differences between Traditional Marketing V/S Digital Marketing:-

  1. Cost:

The first difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is cost. In traditional marketing you promote your brand and services through TV ads, billboard, pamphlets and others then you pay lot of cost. For 30 Sec of TV ads you will pay at least 30-40k. The cost of TV ads also depend according to time and it is so expensive.

While in digital marketing you can promote your brand and services through digital channel like mobile phone, email, internet, mobile apps, social medial and others. In digital marketing, some site are free here you can give advertisement of your product and services and it take less cost.

  1. Ongoing Result:

In traditional marketing, you wait for result sometimes monthly and to see what improvement in your business. It takes longer time for giving the result. While in digital marketing, you don’t need to wait for result longer to see improvement in your business growth.

In traditional marketing you can’t easily measure the result of traditional technique but in digital marketing, using Google Analytics Tool you can easily determine the rate of interest (ROI).

  1. Easily to Analyze:

The marketing Opportunities turns calculating in digital marketing is so easy and sharp. With the help of Google Analytics you can easily analyze the performance of your website who is working or who isn’t?

But in traditional marketing, calculating marketing opportunities turns is difficult.

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