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9 Web Development Trends To Watch Out in 2019


Today business is fulfilled with competition and every businessman want to increase their business. For those people, web development is the best idea. Web development help to increase the business. You are well known a perfect website gives you lots of benefits and increase your business conversion. With the help of the website, you can easily target the people. A good web developer helps to update the new trends their own self and use algorithm web developer engage their users.

When the world of web development is improved and it becomes some constant changes then it is difficult for web development companies to keep up with new trends to have a conversion rate. So, it is important for a modern business to keep their business constantly updated with new web development trends.

Below I will discuss the 10 top web development trends that are used in 2019:

1. Push Notification:

Push notification is a way to notify you when new content is coming on the website without check your email and browse the site. It is also one of the most powerful tools. It is similar to the popups some people unlike it because it can reach anywhere any time and also no matter you are on a particular website or not.

The major advantage of push notification without any big efforts you can keep the user engaged. It gives higher results than a regular email marketing campaign because it has a higher clicking rate it means it is clickable.

2. Intelligent Chatbot:

Intelligent ChatbotA Chabot is an artificial intelligence software. Through messaging applications like mobile apps, web apps it can start a conversion with a user in natural language. Intelligent Chatbot provides a way to engage with users and also help to improve the image brand. A Chabot is one of the most advanced expressions of the interaction between human and machines. According to the technological point of view, it only represents the natural evaluation of a Question Answering System in Natural Language Processing.

The application of Chatbot streamline interactions between people and services. Intelligent Chatbot is able to interact with the customer in real-time to resolve their issues and answer a question.

3. Single Page Sites: 

Considering the latest guidelines, just as the conduct of clients on the site, it is unquestionably exceptionally simple to comprehend what individuals like and what they don’t like for on-site pages and furthermore look for data all alone. In this manner, a large number of the site advancement inclines in the coming year will really be found on the full rule of speed and accommodation.

Anybody without a programming background can undoubtedly build up a site with a specific plan manufacturer for your business. The experience of the client or UX has unquestionably turned out to be essential and cautious concerning the idea of a few single-page sites, and in the coming years, we will watch the activity on the screen of the gadgets and we will even concur with various items that the general population need to purchase.

4. Progressive web Apps:

Progressive Web App

To create cross platform web-applications, progressive web app uses modern web applications along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy. These apps provide several features and that also work everywhere. You can also say it is a combination of modern technologies, design concept and best practice.

A progressive Web Application is a website application that uses modern web capabilities and the experience of the web app is similar to the mobile application. It’ll also work in the older browser but that doesn’t support the new features but work better with more features in modern browsers.

Advantages of progressive web apps, it should be installable, discoverable, network independent, linkable, progressive, responsive and safe.

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5. Multimedia Longreads:

The actual aim of Longread is to tell a story in short and simple word then the users can easily scroll through the page and they read the important points. You practically thought when you read anything on a webpage with full text with some photos then you can easily forget it but nowadays when you read some complete text with images, animations and icons then you remember it longer.

6. Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain TechnologiesBitcoin and a large group of different digital currencies hauled blockchain innovation into the standard. In view of a shared system of PCs that stores information utilizing a conveyed record guarantees information never gets traded off, blockchain innovation is progressively increasing more extensive use in different enterprises.

Some heavyweight industry develops its own blockchain technology that is Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.

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7. JavaScript Framework: 

More developers use JavaScript because it is easier and more adaptable than others and the 2019 JavaScript framework will also continue. In JavaScript features are available with a reliable and fast approach like closure, callback and many more features are available.

The best JavaScript framework makes coding easier and faster so you can focus on designing the website layout. Many developers use JavaScript to create an error-free site, cleaner and more responsive.

8. Cyber Security:

Cyber SecurityData conducted by the Alert Logic in the recent survey and the first concern of the IT professional is the keep the date breach, confidentiality and data privacy infringement. There have been numerous comparative measurement appearing most associations are bracing up for an unprecedented wave of cyber attack and they will leave the working environment with more hazards. In the nearest future cybersecurity is a dominant trend in web development.

9. Static Website Generator:

A static website generator helps you to create responsive sites and blogs with minimal code. It is a hybrid approach to web development that allows making a powerful, server-based website locally on your computer.

But the website created with a static website generator is not easy to use. It is very popular among developers. A static web generator makes a simple page and focus on your text and help to make a unique user journey.


The innovative patterns of site improvement are developing at a quick pace. One-page sites and dynamic web applications have developed in these years and have increased extraordinary prominence. Ensuing changes in JavaScript and PHP 7 have shown up appropriately. Patterns like these will overwhelm web development in 2019.

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