COE and CSR | Digital Marketing, Website Design & Software Development Company in India




The Web software industry is constantly evolving to adapt to changes in Internet technology, we needed a constant watchdog to guide us to pursue Excellence in our field.

VMG’s Center of Excellence (COE) was started to constantly guide the organization process and technology to proactively evolve to the latest technologies.

Objective of COE:
  • Identify and Recruit best motivated talent
  • Sharpen programming by sharing knowledge and learning
  • Identify and enhance new business ideas
  • Constantly meet Zero defect objective
  • Making sure industry standard security practices are adapted

The ideology that drives the Center of Excellence is that it should function as a accelerator within the organization so that each associate rises to their full potential – so that they transform themselves into individual centers of excellence.

We envision our organization to be combact ready for all new changes in the market. To make this vision a reality we will continue to work together with each one of our associates, to make quest of excellence a course of action in Evince.


An organizations growth is greatly measured by its growing business and by what it gives back to the society. Evince always wants to be a good corporate citizen and enjoys to give back efforts & resource to society’s welfare. We nurture these values in each and every associate of Evince and support them to share their happy emotions with those who are less privileged than us.

What we do :
  • Volunteers from Social welfare organizations visit our office to promote education sponsorship programs for less privileged children. Our associates have been very active in helping these children by regularly contributing.
  • Our associates donate regularly for natural disasters like Tsunami, Flood and Drought.
  • Visiting care centers during birthday’s to spread the cheer around. They celebrate birthday’s with them and give them gifts, chocolates and sweets to make them feel happy.
  • Sponsoring for medical expences to the most needy.
  • Our associates do volunteer work by teaching underprivileged kids over the weekend.
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