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Door Locks


A Fingerprint Sensor based Door Locks details of which can found in captures the digital image of a fingerprint pattern called live scan. This live scan is digitally processed to create a biometric template (a collection of extracted features) which is stored and used for matching. The commonly used fingerprint sensor technologies are optical, ultrasonic and capacitive. Capacitance sensors utilize the principles associated with capacitance in order to form fingerprint images.

Fingerprint is unlike a Password for door locks. Fingerprints are not susceptible to security threats or attacks. Fingerprints cannot be guessed unlike a password. In modern times, it is the best way to ensure safety to your data as well as the overall system. A fingerprint scanner gives access only to verified and users, thereby ensuring safety. Fingerprint scanner Door Locks not just gives you access to your Home, Building , Room, Office , Table box, but they can also give you a security for you and your assets.

We at VMG Technologies provide biometrics based Door Locks.
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