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Software Development


Software Development is the way toward considering, indicating, structuring, programming, reporting, testing, and bug settling associated with making and looking after applications, systems, or other programming parts.

Software development is also called Software Design and Application Development. The most common software development process are as follows:

Billing Software:

Billing Software is a program that handle time and billing tracking and the service delivered to a customer and it can also track the hours worked by employee. Billing software gives the collective data of the customer satisfaction, invoices and order entry given to the customer.

Online Test:

To evaluate your software development knowledge online test help you. For exam it is the best software. It is the best features for assessments that easily conduct the test. It also give the effective analytic report the process of candidate selection.

Security Management Software:

Security Management Software provide Security of a computer or network that is generally used to describe software. There are many types of security software but in those the most two common software that is antivirus software that is used in personal computer to secure our system and the second one is antispyware software.

Inventory Management Software:

Business application consisted by inventory management software. It helps to manage, track and organize product sales and also other production processes. Inventory management system help to control and reduce the cost.

Hotel Management System:

By a hotel, hotel management system help to maintain hospitality and customer relationship management. This software is basically used for managing the room that is engaged by customers in the hospitality industry like resort, restaurants, lodges and hostel.

Online Examination:

Online exam software is a software platform that is conduct web based exams. That conduct various exam that is safe and secure environment and also help to avoid the cheating.

Sugar CRM:

In the world, it is the largest open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It includes the many type function that is Mobile CRM, Customer support, market campaigns, sales-force automation, social CRM, collaboration and reporting.

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer Relationship management is a category of software. It is a process or strategy that helps to organize the business better and also access the data of the customer.

E-Commerce Software:

In business, e-commerce software enables to sell products and also unifies the business application. It is also used in various business areas that is manufacturing, retail and wholesale.

OMR Solutions:

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is a popular recognition technology. It is basically used for collecting the data from the fill in the bubble. It is used in various industries and institutes basis of their requirement.

E-learning Module:

It is also called Electronic Learning Software. Using internet It enables to deliver instruction and courses electronically.

Construction Company Software:

It is a project management platform. It helps in companies for decision making, budget management, job scheduling, communication and many others. Through automation it makes construction business process easier.

School/College ERP Software:

To make organizational work fast school and college should adopt ERP. It is specially designed to meet the functional and operational needs of an educational body.

Real Estate Solution:

It is a software for real state it encompass the real estate industry and also give the solution for real estate management software.

Tour and Travel Management System:

Tour and travel management system is a software that help to travel agents and tour operators.

Hospital Management System:

Hospital management system is a software that help to designed and manage the all areas of the hospital like administrative, financial and medical and many other things.

Recruitment Software:

Recruitment software designed to manage the recruiting process. It is the core human resource system and it help to improve the efficiency of recruiters as well as job seekers.

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