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Google Addword Management


Adwords represents nothing short of a revolution in marketing, one that every business with any web presence should be utilising. However, the number of elements Adwords allows you to control coupled with the sheer amount of data on offer means that getting the most out of it can be time consuming. Plus, you could risk paying more than you need to for your results or missing out on potentially lucrative avenues.

Whether you are an agency with multiple clients, you are a direct advertiser with a dedicated team focused on search marketing or you are a one-person marketing department, the Marin Software Platform has the tools to help you save time and improve the financial performance of your campaigns. Take advantage of the largest, most targeted advertising network in the world & stop wasting your marketing budget.

Our team has been running Adwords campaigns since the technology was invented – we know how to target any customer and get the most out of any budget. We focus on getting you the best traffic which provides lower cost per conversion, increases your traffic, and makes you more money. This philosophy has helped us grow more than 50% per year over the last few years. If you want to start using Adwords, or optimise your campaigns for maximum ROI, we can help you. Contact VMG to find out how our experience can take your campaigns to a new level of performance.

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