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e-Commerce Solutions


eCommerce is leaned towards the online shopping mode of customers. Be it B2B ecommerce for endeavor clients or B2C ecommerce for retail bargains, ecommerce is quickly raising as an unquestionable requirement. The offer of ecommerce moreover untruths in its capability to:

Connect with a worldwide business paying little respect to geological separations
Power the same channel (your connected entryway) to support multi-area markets, hence bringing down generally speaking expense of promoting
Alertly supervise stock, evaluating, rebates, and so on., to address alert business needs in a jiffy

A business sector guide in Magento and other open origin advances, Evince is for the most part looked for after for its master ecommerce aids. Our ecommerce aids incorporate:

  • 1. Ecommerce gateway configuration and growth
  • 2. Online Shopping Cart
  • 3. Stock Management
  • 4. Order Placement and Order Tracking
  • 5. Payment Gateway
  • 6. Online banking
  • 7. SEO & SEM
  • 8. SSL Certification


Why E-business from VMG?
  • 1. Profound realm information.
  • 2. Solid handle over an extensive variety of ecommerce innovations.
  • 3. Showcase guides in Magento and other open source.
  • 4. Quickened infrastructure and speedier chance-to-business sector.
  • 5. Corner ability in retail ecommerce and ERP.
  • 6. Secured way of handling the website using SSL Certification
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