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Remote Managed Services


VMG tailors our managed services to meet the client’s unique requirements, goals and business objectives. Our managed solutions can support your business during transformational periods, provide administrative services during steady operating state and help stabilize your existing investments while we help you plan for your future. As your business direction changes, VMG can quickly adapt to your business needs.

VMG has a dynamic portfolio of managed services capabilities which maintains control in the hands of our clients while remain flexible.

  • You continue to control and direct us based on your business changes. We right size the solution based on your needs.
  • Our services cost less than hiring full time engineer in house.
  • We provide full transparency in our service.
  • Our service includes time tracking, reporting, updating of existing documentation, stand up meetings.
  • We offer shadow resources and fully documented process. We are process dependent and not people dependent.
  • We hire the best in the industry and have a track record of retaining the best talent. No more attrition issues.
  • We can offer you comprehensive service level agreements (SLA) that guarantees responsiveness.
  • We can offer you 24/7/365 service.
  • You can choose from pay per incident, dedicated FTE or pool of hours model to help support your IT needs.
  • Our managed services staff is backed up by our application development team to assist whenever problems arise and any additional customization is required.
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