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Prototype Design


A prototype is an original model on which something is patterned. A prototype can range from a crude mock-up developed by the inventor to professionally designed virtual prototypes and/or fully-functioning working samples.

The process of taking your idea and turning it into a tangible product is called “reducing the invention to practice” and the first step in this process is the development of a prototype. Here the prototype is developed only using HTML and Javascript i.e all the screen elements with accepted GUI will be developed without connecting to Database to showcase the complete navigation.

A prototype has several key benefits:
  • 1. Helps prove that your design or concept actually does what it’s meant to do
  • 2. Identifies problems such as a flawed shape or cumbersome process
  • 3. Tests theories and confirms viability and performance.

Keep in mind that the prototype process is evolutionary, meaning that you may start with simple screen and evolve the prototype through several iterations over time as you refine your invention.

At VMG we work with individuals and companies large and small both locally and across the country. Our capabilities range from concept generation and design, to in-house rapid prototyping, as well as turnkey assembly. Tell us what you need and we’ll find the solution that is right for you.

We are often faced with interesting projects that test our creativity and the limits within our industry. We are constantly evolving to meet these new challenges and look forward to being your technical partner now and in.

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