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PHP / MySql


We offer professional web site that will save your money. PHP/MySQL is the most influential scripting language on the planet, get it professionally developed by us.

If you are searching for successful Web Application Development that are both technically savvy and heightened in exhibition, then PHP-MySQL Development can give you answers for your necessities. PHP is a standout amongst the most extensively utilized scripting dialect and has gotten one of the major players on Web Development for the sort of choices it gives. PHP and Mysql is an open origin stage and therefore has numerous profits like it being opensource and having a gigantic supporting community.

A large portion of our specially crafted website answers and requisitions are advanced by utilizing PHP. Assuming that your objective is to advance high caliber PHP and MySQL based network provisions in a savvy manner with value work -your hunt might be over. Our Web crew of greatly skilled PHP masters with numerous years of customizing interactions can help to build your dream web software in few weeks. The outcome is fast and solid exhibition. We have advanced solutions like Ecommerce, Online Accounting Software, Social netwotk Community like Web Portal which has the qualities such as Chat, Bulletin Board, Web mail, Web Calendar and Discussion Forum dependent upon PHP and mySQL engineering schema.

We moreover deal an Offshore Development office for global customers for PHP, MYSQL identified infrastructure as our PHP Programmers and other network visionary group has more than 10 years encounter in PHP MySQL Programming. Our encountered programmers offer powerful PHP MySQL Services to all our customers opposite the globe. The crew of PHP MySQL Developers offer Custom PHP MySQL Development to customers at a moderate rate without bargaining value. Our PHP MySQL Developers give PHP MySQL Development Customization according to customer’s necessity.

Profits of PHP MySql Development India
  • 1. Towering Compatibility to all OS
  • 2. Open to your decision OS and Web program
  • 3. All Database backing
  • 4. 100% remote configurability
  • 5. Quick and simple infrastructure nature
  • 6. A perfect for network infrastructure
  • 7. Multi lingual backing

PHP MySQL growth is on high mandate in the business since a resource with the qualities of PHP and MySQL is clearly setting off to be gainful for you. Our skilled PHP MySQL developers give you range of focal points. By picking us as your PHP/MySQL associate, you get:

  • 1. Thoroughly modified and decently arranged and quite intuitive resources
  • 2. Net requisitions that capacity opposite distinctive OS
  • 3. Network provisions with multilingual and database underpin
  • 4. Modified net requisitions for OS and network browser of your decision
  • 5. PHP MySQL net improvement fixes at sparing rates


Yii Framework Development

Yii is a towering exhibition structure in PHP 5 that could be best utilized for advancing net 2.0 requisitions. Yii schema infrastructure offers an awesome advancement stage for Yii developers/programmers. Its emphasizes like snappy, secure and expert makes Yii an awesome PHP skeleton for network requisition growth. Being it an open-origin, part based, object-situated PHP net requisition skeleton, Tekriti furnishes you expert Yii improvement fixes with the assistance of their master Yii developers.

With Yii PHP Framework you improve extraordinary network provisions. Yii advancement advertises clean, dry plan and empowers quick growth for your network requisition improvement. It makes you center on your business technique and the rest could be took care of well by Yii visionaries. Yii furnishes a considerable measure of features/benefits that makes you make practical web spaces, a portion of the qualities are:

  • 1. MVC (Model-View-Controller) Design based
  • 2. DAO (Database Access Object)/Active Records help
  • 3. Theming and Skinning can help you switch the standpoint of your Yii Website
  • 4. Structure Input and Data Validation
  • 5. Approval and Authentication of clients.
  • 6. I18N and L10N (internationalization and restriction)
  • 7. Widgets (Ajax Enabled)
  • 8. Security
  • 9. Net Services
  • 10. Lapse Handling and Logging
  • 11. Work well with Third Party Code
  • 12. Layered storing
  • 13. Quite far reaching mechanical code era
  • 14. Client Contributed Components in Extension Library

At VMG we offer the best answer utilizing the Yii skeleton explanation. We are fully fledged Web Application Development group based in India. We have raised Applications from Small to Large scale Web Applications and have committed group of Yii Framework. We furnish Yii Developers & programmers by both ways either Part time or Full time foundation. Decide on whatever suits best to your requirements. Our Expert Yii Programmers improves the Web Application with the clear coding with expectancy. Enlisting our Yii Developer is a best explanation for your Yii growth needs.

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